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The Senti story began with a chance holiday discovery. In 2005, I went away with my family, after recovering from a life-changing illness. The plan was to ski, but a lack of snow led us instead to Florence.


Florence, Italy

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
Florence Flowers through window

Florence, Italy

We stayed in the hotel, Villa La Vedetta, which had the most beautiful fragrance softly scenting all the common parts and hallways.  The scent was diffused by a reed diffuser, I had never seen one before!  That was the moment that I knew I had to introduce this system back in the UK which is what I did with my sister, Kim.

I returned to the UK, left my role in events, and immediately began building my knowledge of the home fragrance industry.  We were the first to introduce diffusers to the UK market and became a distributor for some well-known brands.

For the last 18 years, Senti has brought some of the world’s leading luxury home fragrance brands to customers in the UK through our Wimbledon Village boutique. We have worked with iconic retailers too, including  Fortnum & Mason, Harrods and Brown Thomas.

With this wealth of experience, in 2016, we began creating our own range of exquisite fragrances and innovative products. Always wanting to be one step ahead in home fragrance, in 2019, we launched the Senti Orchid, a beautifully handcrafted and unique diffuser that marries sculpture and fragrance.

As our homes remain multi-functional spaces, where we work, rest and play, we realised The Orchid would not suit every space due to its sheer size.  Still maintaining our mission of marrying sculpture with scent, in 2022, we introduced The Little Orchid fragrance diffuser, ideal for placing dressing tables, desks, or for small spaces.

The Senti Collection, now available in 7 luxury home fragrances, includes The Reed Diffuser,  The Refill, The Room Spray, and most recently The Little Diffuser.

Whilst our beautiful packaging is all part of the Senti experience of gift-giving, we recognised that offering the option of no packaging if The Little Diffuser was for your own use, was not only good value but also better for the environment.

Debbie Knight Creator of Senti

The Senti Collection

In 2016, we began creating our own range of exquisite fragrances and innovative products — our latest creation is the Senti Orchid, a beautifully-handcrafted diffuser that marries sculpture and fragrance to suit any home or office environment and a perfect gift for that special person.

the orchid

the roman collection

the diffuser

the refill

the room spray


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