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Refresh your Senti Orchid or Diffuser with your favourite fragrance.  Simply refill your existing vase and allow 24 hrs for the fragrance to diffuse.  This is a cost-effective way to enjoy your preferred scents without having to purchase a new diffuser every time.

Our refills contain a set of new diffuser reeds and 500ml of your chosen Senti fragrance – so refreshing your Senti diffuser is easy.

Additional Information

Winter Wishes, Bergamot & Ginger, Fig, Jasmine & Geranium, Mandarin & Cypress, Amber & Oud, White Flowers

Product Description

Extend the life of your favourite fragrance with one of our reed diffuser refills. Simply refill your existing vase and allow 24hrs for the fragrance to diffuse.

Our Fragrances


White Flowers

a fusion of dewy green accords with delicate notes of white flowers, patchouli and warm nuances of amber and tonka bean.


Bergamot & Ginger

invigorating top notes of lemon and ginger with undertones of bergamot, lily of the valley and cedarwood.


Jasmine & Geranium

a sophisticated and delicate floral bouquet of jasmine & rose with undertones of amber and cedarwood.


Mandarin & Cypress

a unique composition of mandarin, lemon, lily and lily of the valley combined with warm notes of cedarwood, cypress and pine needles.

Amber & Oud

An intense and opulent woody oriental scent combining exotic spices with warm, musky notes of Amber and the woody aroma of Oud.

Senti Fig Fragrance


gorgeous fresh notes of bergamot, apricot and fig partner perfectly with gentle floral notes of rose and patchouli.

Winter Wishes

Subtle hints of citrus, cypress and pine needles with welcoming notes of amber and sandalwood.

Senti the refill how to use

How To Use

  1. Pour the fragrance into the Senti bottle and place all the reeds in the liquid. Allow 24 hours for the fragrance to diffuse, turn the reeds once a week away from furniture, or as required, to release the scent.
  2. Avoid placing the fragrance in direct sunlight or by radiators as this will affect the evaporation. If placed in a hallway or by air vents the fragrance travels easily with the natural air movement.
  3. Do not light the reeds as the fragrance is flammable!
  4. Your fragrance should last up to 5 months depending on location and temperature of the room it is in.
  5. When the fragrance has totally evaporated the reeds are so impregnated with the scent that they can be used in your drawers, airing cupboards, linen baskets and even in the car! They will keep the fragrance for months to come.

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