Hello, and welcome to the new Senti blog. Here, we’ll tell you the stories behind the beautiful things we make and take a closer look at the world of fragrance too.

And where better to start than with our most exciting new creation, THE ORCHID?

With this beautiful new diffuser set to launch soon, we sat down with Debbie Knight, owner and founder of Senti, to talk about how it was created, and what it means for the future of home fragrance.

We were giving our Wimbledon boutique a quick freshen up, and I didn’t want everything to get covered in flecks of paint – so I put all the artificial flowers from the shop in my car and set off for home,” says Debbie.
The whole car immediately filled with fragrance, which the flowers had obviously absorbed while they were displayed in the boutique.
And that was the moment I had the idea for THE ORCHID. I didn’t truly believe that ‘lightbulb moments’ really existed, but that’s what it was.
I got home and for the rest of the evening my brain was working overtime. THE ORCHID was exactly what was missing from the home fragrance market. Everyone in the industry was searching for the next big thing, and this felt like it.
I knew from speaking to interior designers that many didn’t really like traditional reed diffusers. The same was true with some offices and hotels. But everyone loved white orchids. And from that moment on, everywhere I went, I saw orchids – in hotel rooms and receptions, in friends’ homes, everywhere.

But while Debbie’s lightbulb moment arrived in an instant, making her idea into a reality has taken a little longer.

In the intervening two-and-a-half years, THE ORCHID has been through a patient process of designing, prototyping, and testing – all in a bid to create something beautiful, truly fragrant, and quite unlike anything else on the home fragrance market.

Creating THE ORCHID has been a labour of love, and I think that when people see them, they’ll see the time, care and passion that’s gone into every aspect.
We’ve paid close attention to every little detail, right down to individually-handcrafting each petal and stem. We’ve also partnered with some of the most highly-regarded English perfumers to create THE ORCHID’s distinctive scents.
The dream was always to create something that combined sculpture and fragrance and I’m so proud that we’ve achieved that.
Debbie Knight Creator of Senti

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