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Well November was unexpectedly rewarding. I was invited to the Palace of Westminster as I had been selected to receive a #MPHERoes award.

30/12/2023 by Senti

We will be exploring the key ingredients of each scent in some depth as it is such a fascinating subject. We will also touch on which fragrance suits different environments/rooms.

13/06/2023 by Senti

The Little Orchid Has Been Shortlisted In The Best New Home Fragrance Category At The London Pure Beauty Awards 2022! And The Team At Senti Are Absolutely Thrilled.

16/09/2022 by Senti

We caught up with Debbie Knight, founder of Senti, to chat about her mission to not only harness some of the most evocative scents, but to capture them in the most beautiful vessels.

03/06/2021 by Cezanno

As with houses and holidays, the right location is essential, so choose where you place your diffuser carefully, it really will make all the difference.

28/08/2019 by Senti

Here at Senti, we collaborate with some of the best UK perfumers to create truly exceptional fragrances for our home diffusers, from our beautiful range of reed diffusers, to our all-new Orchid

22/07/2019 by Senti

After countless months of planning, designing and testing, The Orchid is here at last – and to mark the arrival of our new home fragrance creation, we invited a few friends to Wimbledon village to celebrate.

12/07/2019 by Senti

With this beautiful new diffuser set to launch soon, we sat down with Debbie Knight, owner and founder of Senti, to talk about how it was created, and what it means for the future of home fragrance.

23/06/2019 by Senti


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