Choosing fragrances for our luxury diffusers

We are often asked how we choose our fragrances for our luxury fragrance diffusers so we thought we would cover this topic over a few posts. We will be exploring the key ingredients of each scent in some depth as it is such a fascinating subject. We will also touch on which fragrance suits different environments/rooms.

The first fragrance in the Senti range was created for us by John Stephen, a UK master perfumer. We spent many hours with John (possibly too many from his point of view) describing our desired scent for our first home diffuser. We knew it had to be warm, welcoming, memorable not too floral yet not too woody. It had to be sophisticated, timeless, and unisex – it was our first scent to launch our own Senti brand, so it had to be special. John was incredibly patient with us, reworking samples to accommodate our demands. The final sample arrived, and the Senti team agreed that it was perfect, the Senti Jasmine & Geranium was born. It is still very special to us all and our customers. It is an easy scent to give as a gift, it works brilliantly as a home fragrance for reed diffusers.

Jasmine & Geranium

A little detail to follow about the 2 main ingredients that make this scent so perfect for a home fragrance especially for our unique Senti Orchid diffuser.



Jasmine is a beautiful flower with a captivating fragrance that has many books penned in its name. The following words by P N Ravindran captures and explains the scent perfectly “Jasmine flowers exhale a bewitching fragrance that is intensely floral and warm; the fragrance is so perfect that jasmine is known both as the king and queen of flowers. According to the Hindu mythology, jasmine originated from the palm of goddess Parvathi and it is one of the five arrows of Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love”.



Apparently, the symbol of a welcoming home, the geranium was discovered in South Africa. It is the ‘Rose Geranium’ leaves that are used in perfumery. Egypt being the largest producer of this rosy, aromatic, and minty fragrance. Adding this to our first scent brought a fresh yet soft floral note.

This fragrance works perfectly in hallways, sitting rooms and bedrooms. Make sure that you place home diffusers where air can circulate, ideally not in shelving units.

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